Saturday, January 19, 2013

A beautiful morning it is! Hope yours is the same. Sometimes cleaning out, re-arranging, organizing can be a bad thing or a good thing. In my situation it began not so good because the further I dug the more I found that I had started and not completed. But, with a bit of determination, another top is completed and the quilting will get done as soon as I get back from the Road 2CA show. Sooooo, looking forward to the trip. Here is the quilt and to let you know how long it has been on hold, I got the pattern from "Quiltworks" magazine issue Sept, 1999. It's a wonder that the material is still in tack. Covered buttons will be on each of the flowers when completed. Good feeling to have it done.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The weather in AZ has been frightful cold which makes for some wonderful quilting and craft days. Probably like most of you, goals have been set for the new year. I have decided that I want to get more organized so I can try to stay caught up with things. I also, have some things that I have really want to do well at, such as journaling, memorizing, corresponding better along with several other things. So, I came up with something I think will help me to accomplish some of those things. It is a monthly package to gather, record, enter and store things that are important to me. So far the system is working for me. Below is what it looks like.

So that is my scrapbooking passion and now for my quilting passion. I put together a Valentine quilt.
Here are a few more that I have done in the past.

A dear friend of ours recently has been in need of some love from her friends as she is experiencing  some heavy medical issues. So what are friends for, but to gather and put a comfort quilt together for her. 

I am also working on some very old projects that have been put up on the shelf and forgotten. Down they have come and work has resumed.