Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where do the days go?

Time can get pass you in a flash of a moment.  I have been busy with classes and designing.  Here are a few pictures of some finished products from the Châtelaine and Bow Tuck classes  and the Apple Core place mat that I gave a "woodies flavor".  I made some wine cozies for some of the holidays to sell at my up & coming show in September!  Starting to get ready for the show in between classes.  The Châtelaine's still need to have their bindings finished but you can get the idea.  This is such a fun class because the gals get to be creative designing what fits their needs and wants best. I love the ring that Suzie put on hers to hold her glasses, wish I thought of that for mine!

Just a few of the bags!

Here is the black & white bag that I made 
for myself.  I had a watch party the night 
before so I had to have a bag to match.
Visit Melissa's blog and check out these
awesome watches! 

The woodies place mat. These are so much fun
to make using the "Curve Master"

Seasonal Wine Cozies!

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  1. Very cute post. Love what you've been up to. And your Apple Core placemats are super cute.