Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

It has been "forevers" since I have made a post due to a total hip replacement.  It was a total success, the pain is gone and I am back up running, well not literally but moving much better.  The month of Nov. was a blur trying to wrap things up knowing that I would be down for a bit.  I was blessed in that my surgeon did the anterior approach which allowed for a very quick and wonderful recovery.  I had no restrictions like that of the posterior approach which has allowed me to be back up in no time.  I am going to share some photo's of what went on before surgery, so hope you enjoy them.  The plan from here on out is to get all those idea's that ran through my head during my recovery time into actual projects, so be looking for new things to come. Meantime, have a wonderful New Year of blessings and exciting quilt adventures.
This is my "Comfort Quilt" that was presented to me at out end-of-the-year party.
Some of the blocks from my "Sampler Class" in NM
Some blocks from a class Lake Havasu, AZ
 I shared my mystery quilt and my shadow quilt with some gals from Silver City, NM

Pictures from my "UFO" Retreat, oh what fun!!!

December Calendar BOM projects

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